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Rara Lake : Best place to visit in Nepal , Enjoy some Snaps

Sojourn to the Rara region through thick pine and juniper forests and camp next to the twinkling Rara Lake at 2,990 m, walled by green hills on all sides. Boat in the clear waters, hike to nearby hills for nearer views of the mountains and lake, meet the charming local people, or just take a walk around the lake watching out for a wild flower, nature or a rare bird on the way.

Rara Lake Courtesy : FOO Anurup Pathak

The Rara National Park is surrounded with the alpine coniferous vegetation and offers a representative sample of the region’s flora and fauna. More than 500 different kinds of flowers, 214 species of birds and 20 different species of mammals can be observed at Rara National Park. As for water life in the Rara lake, the snow trout is the fish variety recorded so far.

This rich vegetation of the park has been home for the endangered animals like; red panda, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, leopard, jackal, Himalayan tahr, yellow-throated martin, wild dog, wild boar, common langur, rhesus macaque and common otter. During the winter season, the park abounds with the bird varieties like coots, great-crested grebe, black-necked grebe, red crested pochard, mallard, common teal, mergarser and gutls. Migrant water fowls and gallinaceous birds also can be spotted during certain seasons.

Courtesy : FOO Anurup Pathak

Rara in the far northwestern part of Nepal is the smallest national park, while the Lake Rara is the biggest lake in the country. The Lake Rara is 167 m deep at some places, and drains into the rivers Mugu Karnali via Nijar Khola. Chuchemara Hill at an elevation of 4,087 m is the best vantage point to get the magnificent views of the deep blue clear lake and the forested hillsides as well as the snowcapped peaks around it.

The easiest means to reach Rara is to take a flight from Nepalgunj to Talcha, from where your destination is 7 Km, 2 Hours walk away or 30 minutes ride in vehicle and a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla, from where yours destination is 2-3 days trek walk away. You would also start these refreshing trees in the hilly village of Jumla where apple orchards stretch out ever the hills.

Courtesy : FOO Anurup Pathak

The trek leads through remote countryside toward the Tibetan border. A journey into the Jumla region and the beautiful Rara Lake, is the probably one of the most pleasing and fascinating treks in all the Himalayan Kingdom given its un-spoilt splendor of the nature.

The best time to visit the region is autumn, spring and summer. As a well-loved tourist region, tourist services and infrastructure have been developing over the years. However, for best experience it is still most advisable to be self-sufficient if traveling alone. Lake Rara is also a popular pilgrimage site for Nepalis. Rara Lake situated at an altitude of 2,990 metres (9,810 feet) above mean sea level has a surface area of 10.8 square kilometers, making it the largest lake in Nepal. The chief attractions of Rara Lake are scenie surroundings pristine water and various indigenous fish species. The tourists visiting the district reach can access locations like Murma, Jhayari, Talcha and Mathitum, sprawled across the buffer zone of the

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