Top 10 iconic Nepali movies ever made :

Nepali movies have been thriving for a while now. The cinematography and videography have improved a lot from the past. This fact, however, doesn’t solely make the new movies any better. The quality in scripts has seen some of the new movies gain appreciation in the recent context. Following are the ten best movies in Nepali industry:
Yug dekhi yug samma: A 1998 movie, Yug Dekhi Yug Samma saw commercial success back then. This movie is directed by Deepak Rayamajhi and stars Rajesh Hamal and Kristi Mainali.

Maitighar: Maitighar was a 1996 release movie directed by B.S Thapa. This movie is played by Indian actress Mala Sinha and Nepali actor Chidamber Prasad Lohani who she gets married to. The actress is accused of being a witch and killing her husband after her husband is found dead in the jungle. While trying to escape the village, she gets sold to a dancer and the plot continues.

Kanchhi: Directed by BS Thapa, this movie was one of the very successful Nepali movies after its release in 1984. The lead actor Krishna Malla and Sharmila Malla fell in love at the set of the movie and later got married.
Chino:Chino is a 1991 Nepali movie,directed by Tulsi Ghimire. The movie stars Shiva Shrestha, Bhuwan KC , Sunil Thama and Sharmila Malla in the lead role. Considered to be a commercial hit in the Nepali film industry, this movie is a complete salver of all genres.
Prem Pinda: Prem Pinda is the first historic 1995 movie directed by Yadav Kharel. It is an adaptation of popular Balkrishna Sama who is touted as the Shakespeare of Nepali literature. This movie sees a failed love story.

Saino: Saino is a hit 1987 movie made under the banner of Triple gem Movies. Tripti and Akaash get fed up living abroad, they return to their homeland where Akash gets in an illegitimate relationship with another girl Asha. the plot develops perfectly till the end.

Kusume Rumal: Kusume Rumal is a 1985 romantic movie directed by Tulsi Ghimire. This movie is acted by legendary singer Udit Narayan. The movie is about the love story of two collegemates Amar and Suniti.

Balidaan: Balidan is a 1997 hit which stars Maha Jodi. This movie is about the revolution against the autocratic Panchayat System in Nepal. This movie fills viewers with patriotism and a sense of responsibility towards society.
Jhola: Jhola is the movie based on the story “Jhola” by Krishna Dharabasi. This movie talks about the Sati practice in Nepal and how Chandra Shumsher becomes the idol of the boy who abolished this ill-practice.
Talakjung Vs Tulke: Talak Jung vs Tulke is a story Tulke Talak Jung of who flees to the city because he was accused of abusing a girl. Later the boy comes with what it takes to sustain lavish life in a village. The village, however, is the center of the Maoist revolution now and the movie takes an interesting turn.

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Most respected celebrity of Nepal:Sitaram kattel to Ravi Lamichhane

1.Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya: These individuals often come as one as Maha Jodi. The Maha Jodi is the influential actors who have inspired the lives of several people through their message-giving comedy teleserial. The pair is the pinnacle of comedy who often created awareness in a humorous way such that everyone is attentive and entertained at the same time. Apart from their contribution to TV, the pair have been doing a lot of social works recently, most of them include creating awareness, cleanliness programs, freedom movements, etc.

2.Sitaram Kattel: Famously known as “Dhurmus”, Sitaram Kattel has been a pioneer in social service these days. His proficient social work has earned him a lot of respect amid the Nepali people. Kattel started his TV career from a comedy teleserial “Meri-Bassai” where he starred as one of the lead characters. But for now, he has dedicated himself to social service and has been a reputed personality in the country. He and his wife Kunjana Ghimire established a facilitated village for the poor Musahar tribe of the Terai. Recently he has indulged in building International Cricket Stadium in Nepal.

3.Anuradha Koirala: Born on 14 April 1949, Koirala is a social activist and the founder of Maiti Nepal. Maiti Nepal is a non-profit organization that has helped thousands of Nepali girls from sex trafficking. She has been operating a rehabilitation home for those who have been rescued from the brothels of India. Here the girls gain skills so that they can sustain on their own. Koirala won the CNN Hero of the Year award in 2010.

4.Rajesh Hamal: Rajesh Hamal was probably the first true superstar who started his movie career in 1991 from Yug Dekhi Yug Samma. Hamal was one of the best-paid actors throughout his career and it seems like he will never see dawn as he has established himself as a successful television host. Mr. Hamal has seen his fame rise not only by his acting but other social works as well. He has done a lot for the amelioration of the country. Being an influential leader himself, he has led several initiatives.

5.Ravi Lamichhane: Ravi Lamichhane is a TV presenter who has been talking to the public directly and addressing their problems. He hosts a program called ‘Sidha Kura Janata Sanga’. This program has addressed many problems if not solved them which have been shadowed by the local authority. He holds the record for hosting the longest-evertelevision talk show in April 2013. Mr. Lamichhane is well-known for his spy-journalism where he visits places by himself and exposes the wrong-doing of the society on television.


About Legendry Actor Rajesh Hamal


The Nepalese film industry although does not possess a very long history comparatively to other industries’ but it has been accredited with the title of “celebrities” to the many actors in Nepal. During the journey of more then 6 decades  many ups and down has occurred in the Nepali Cinema during  those periods  .Today we are going to talk about legendry actor Rajaesh Hamal (Mahanayak) who is  all time favourite and respected to the Neplese Audience.Hamal is  the  most loved star with greatest stardom, whose name was  enough to make a movie blockbuster.

           Rajesh Hamal  (Mahanayak)

Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal


Rajesh Hmal  also known as “Mahanayak”  is top on the list of the most respected Actors in      Nepal.He is one of the biggest Movie star with the huge public Support and respect.Hamal was born   from  Chuda Bahadur Hamal and Renu KC Hamal  on 9  june  1964   in  Tansen,  Palpa. He was only  the   actor  who sustain in Nepali film industry for the long period of  time.He  have the millions of the fan followers.

  Acting Carrer

“Yug Dekhi Yug  samma” was the first debuted Movie of Rajesh Hamal ,which was  produced by Chhabiraj Ojha and directed by his maternal   uncle Deepak Rayamajhi.Fortunately his first debuted Movie was blugbuster and became the fifth biggest Hit movie in 90’s .

Some of  the Hit Movies of Hamal

S.N   Title Year Director
1 Yug Dekhi Yug Samma 1991 Deepak  Rayamajhi
2 Deuta 1993 Tulsi Giri
3 Basanti 2000 Neer shah
4 Hami Tin Bhai 2004 Shiv Regmi
5 Hath Ma Lagyo Sunya 2010  


First poster of “Love Diaries” : Sushil and Rubina’s romantic mood came out

Sushil Shrestha and Rubina Shrestha  starrer movie “Love Diaries”  has published its first  poster .According to the Producer the flim is full  package of romance and love.Sushil has performed a role of young boy enjoying the foreigner’s life style. Along with Rubina and sushil Love Diaries has been featured with Rimal Bishnu sapkota,Arjun sahi,Bishal Pahari.

Director Saurabh chaudhari has   directed this Movie , going to be release on 20 sept 2019. As we realize that Nepali movie industry is going through unsatisfied timeframe so this is remain to see  that either it will hit the box office or not.

Year 2019 is the most more awful year for Nepali movies till now.lots of films which are released on this year are nearly flops..So Neplese audience are waiting for the movie which can drag them upto the cinema hall.Even all the movies are unsuccess ,the producer  director ane even actors/actress are still focusing on quantity rather then the quality .At this time all we can do  is wishing  all the best for


Nepal’s famous & most beautiful Actress


The Nepalese Movie Industry presently is gaining a huge popularity with lots of fan base. In this scenario, how can we forget about our gorgeous Nepalese actresses who tried their best and have been able to touch the heart of million people? As much as Nepalese movies are gaining popularity, our actresses are equally making everyone go crazy with their attitude, good looks and of course acting talent.

The filming industry in Nepal was established in 1951 with the release of the movie named ‘Harish Chandra’. Since, then Nepalese filming industry have been taking its baby step to develop and progress. It is commonly known as the Hollywood as in Hollywood and Bollywood. There used to be a time when Nepali movies and cinema were called as a copycat of the Hindi film industry.

To some extent it was true. But, now due to the influence of media’s and new technologies Nepalese film industry is also making its own identity and individuality. New talents, new directors, actors, actresses, choreographers, etc. are emerging day by day and are bringing the new influence in the industry.

Since the industry has made its way up to till date, many actors and actresses have been able to showcase their talent in the field of acting. Numbers of actors have made their career in this industry; while some have now quitted the film industry with lots of contributions, there are many aspiring actresses who are able to win the hearts of millions Nepalese people with their amazing acting skills.

There are some Nepalese celebrities in the Nepalese movie industry who are famous for their versatility and beautiful personality.  Those Nepalese actresses who have successfully establish themselves as one of the counted celebrity in the Nepalese film industry.  Here, we are presenting the top 10 Nepali actors of all time bases on the talent and their popularity among the Nepalese peoples.

  1. Priyanka Karki

The 31-year-old actress, former Miss Teen, VJ, model, singer, and dancer is one of the top most famous celebrity in Nepalese Films Industry today. She is best well known for her versatility she shows in the roles or characters in her movie. Karki started her career as a VJ in 2006 after winning the title Miss Teen in 2005.

After that Priyanka then started acting in movies in 2012. In the past six years, she has been able to win the hearts of millions of people not only through her acting but also through her singing.

  • Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah

The 23-year-old hot diva in the town has won the hearts of hundreds and thousands of guys with her stunning looks. Shah is an actor and a model also was a runner-up of the “Face of Diamond” at the Classic Diamond Jewellers. She started her acting career in 2016 with her debut movie “Dreams” starring Anmol KC. She won three best new actor award for her debut movie.

  • Annapurna Sharma

The 23-year-old actress is best known as Anna Sharma among her fans. She persuaded her acting career at a very young age and didn’t disappoint the audiences. She gave her best in her debut movie “Jerry” in 2014 that starred Anmol KC as her opposite. Many people loved her performance in the movie. She also won the best debut actor award for the movie, Jerry.

  • Shristi Shrestha

The 28-year-old actress, model and the Miss Nepal 2012 has been a heartthrob for thousands of Nepali youths. After giving her best in the Miss World 2012, she persuaded modeling career in a music video of the song titled “Kabhi Jo Badal Barse” which is sing by a famous Indian singer Arijit Singh. Later, she began acting in 2016 with her debut movie “Gajalu” starring Anmol KC.

  • Namrata Shrestha

The 33-year-old actress is well known for the romantic role she plays in her movies. She is also a model and has been featured in many of the magazines in Nepal. She started her acting career in 2008 from her debut movie “Sano Sansar” as a character Reetu. Since then she has done a dozen of movies and is loved for her movies starring Aryan Sigdel as this reel couple is loved by many Nepalese people.

  • Keki Adhikari: The 28-year-old actress, a professional model has been able to win millions of hearts through her amazing acting skills and her chubby looks. She started off her career in music videos before giving a shot in the movies. Her first movie was released in 2010 named “Swor” as an opposite to Raj Bhallav Koirala. She is one of the most learned actresses in our film industry. She has been able to win the Critics Award in 2016.
  • Prakriti Shrestha: The 25-year-old actress became a hit in the industry after her music video “Ko Hola Tyo” was loved by many people. She is also a runner-up of the show Mega Model season 2. After her success, she has featured in many magazines as well as music videos. She began her film career in 2013 in an Anmol KC movie, “Hostel”. After her debut movie, she has acted in numerous short films and films.
  • Reecha Sharma: The 30-year-old VJ, model, and actress is known as one of the actresses to have amazing acting skills. She is capable of portraying the character in a justifiable manner which no other actors can possibly do. She started her acting career with her debut movie, “First Love” in 2010. After that, she has acted in other numerous movies.
  • Pooja Sharma: The 26-year-old actress and an ex-journalist, Pooja Sharma made a hit in the Nepali cinema after her movie “Prem Geet” starring Pradeep Khadka. Her debut movie is 3 lovers with Priyanka Karki whereas her first movie as a lead role is “Madhumash”. After her hit, “Prem Geet”, she was loved by millions of people.
  • Rishma Gurung: The 27-year-old actress won millions of heart after her role as “Maiyaa” in the movie Kabbadi in 2013. Before this movie, she starred in two other Gurung movies. She has then acted in the sequel of the movie “Kabbadi”, “Kabbadi Kabbadi”. Her last film was “Jhumkee” which released in 2016.