Top Bollywood celebrity having top fan following:

1.Shahrukh Khan: Dubbed as ‘King Khan’, Shahrukh Khan has earned a lot of followers all over the world with his aura of love spread through his movies during his prime. Shahrukh Khan is more of a brand and he has made it on his own. After his breakthrough from “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, King Khan earned cult followers who grew with every big hit.

There is a wax statue of him at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and is only the third Indian to be featured in the museum. Despite being a mega- star, Khan is a down to earth person who has much gratitude towards his fan.

2.Salman Khan: Salman Khan’s maintained physique has been an inspiration to the youths. At the age of 50, Salman Khan is still the film- makers’ first choice. Salman Khan has seen his fans grow exponentially in the last decade and part of his fans are bigger fans of his shirtless avatar.

He has been setting trends at the age of 52. Still a bachelor, it’s no surprise that girls are dying to marry him. He has given a breakthrough to many

young talents. Salman Khan has done a lot of charity work under Being Human organization.

3.Amitabh Bachchan: Big B because he is big and surname starts with B, Mr. Bachchan is the first megastar of Bollywood. Big B has been a reference to beautiful acting in Bollywood. Loved by millions all over the world, Mr. Bachchan is humble and down to earth person. With his deep strong voice, he has been influential in movies and has been a successful host of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Even at 75, he has been offered a lot of roles in Bollywood which proves his worth in the industry.

4.Priyanka Chopra: PC is the wild cat of Bollywood. Apart from being an actress, she is a singer, dancer, producer and so on. She has been spreading her aura in Hollywood as well, a reason of many why she has big fan followers outside India as well. After being crowned Miss World in 2010, she has seen her acting career flying. She has been UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights in 2010 and 2016.

5.Akshaya Kumar: Akshaya Kumar is a self-made star who never forgets his ground, an inspiration to all the youths who are vying in the industry. Started his journey as a waiter in a restaurant, Akshaya has seen a lot of struggles before being a successful actor. His forte was action and stunts when he started but now prefers movies that talk about social issues. He takes care of his physique and has encouraged people as well. Albeit the modern day showoffs, Akshaya is a down to earth person who lives a scheduled life and doesn’t deviate.

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Top 5 amazing world records

To create a world record, it’s not an easy task to stand-out 7.7 billion people. Be it weird or amazing, being a world record holder is a thing to brag about. Here are some amazing world records.

1.The largest number of dishes on a table:

If you are a foodie, you must have been to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year when they broke the world record for the largest number of dishes aligned on the table. 8146 separate dishes were accumulated on a table as the record-breaking act was attempted.

2.The youngest person to climb Mt. Everest:

On may, 22,2010 Jordan Romero became the coolest kid in his school when he summited the Mt. Everest at the age of 10 years and 10 months. Romero climbed Everest with his dad and several Sherpas which earned him a name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

3.Longest goal ever scored:

If you are a Premier League fan and have been following the league for a while, you should be familiar with the goal scored by Asmir Begovic versus Southampton FC. The Stoke City shot-stopper took the shot which traveled 97.5 yards before beating Arthur Boruc on the other end of the field and stood as the longest goal scored.

4.Longest fingernails of a woman:

Imagine fingernails being 8.65m long. The record for the longest nail is held by Lee Redmond of the USA who manicured her nail to become 8.65m long when measured in Madrid, Spain on 23 February 2008. She

lost her nails to an automobile accident in 2009. Her grief must have been immeasurable.

5. Multiple children delivered at a single birth to survive:

On 26th January 2009, Nadya Suleman gave birth to 8 children, all of them survived which made a world record for most children born at a single delivery. She gave birth to six boys and two girls at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Bellflower, USA.


See how the US President conceded Duchess of Sussex during Piers Morgan Interview

The US president has finally spoken about his recent controversial statement made about Duchess of Sussex. During Piers Morgan Interview he claimed that he suppose that Duchess of Sussex doing great job. He has supported his own claim that Meghan Markle is “nasty” during an interview with Piers Morgan. According to the source he made this statement because she called Trump “divisive” and “misogynistic” during his 2016 presidential campaign. During the interview he also state that he talk about prince harry during his recent visit to Buckingham Palace.

The whole interview was hosted by TV host Piers Morgan, who is also in great friendship with President Trump .President trump also said that everything she said about him is recorded and on tape. Actually he was trying to say that he was unknown about that she was nasty about me, Trump said. He also said that “You know what? She’s doing a good job; I hope she enjoys her life… I think she’s very nice”.

President trump accept that even she is nasty about him , it’s better for him not to be nasty to her. In a reply to the question whether he got chance to talk about Prince Harry or not ,he told that he congratulate him. When Morgan asked Trump did Prince Harry asked about you statement upon his wife, he replied no we did not talk about that. President trump has said that the Royal family is so nice and specially Prince Harry is tremendously a good personality .


Top Bollywood Actress

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Pokhara Diaries-Visit Nepal 2019

Here are the latest Snaps from the Pokhara tour . Pokhara is the beautiful city of Country Nepal.Most of the people who visit Nepal strongly recommend to visit this place .It is located in the western from the Kathmandu city. This city is famous for the different lake including Fewa lake and Beganas Lake not only for the lake ,there are also many famous cave such as Mahendra cave,Gupteshwor cave and Chamero cave.

This place is renown for the tourist area in Nepal.So if you are planning to visit Nepal then Pokhara should be in your first priority.As this place is a tourist place there are lots of Hotels which are of International standars.

Here are the few list of Hotels in Pokhara

1.Hotel Barahi (3 star)

2.OYO 128 Hotel-Dream Pokhara (3 star)

3.Pokhara choice inn (3 star)

4.Hotel Adam (3 star)

5.Hotel Snowland (3 star)

6.Hotel City inn (3 star)

7.Hotel Orchid (3 star)

8.Hotel Himalayan inn (3 star)

9.Tourist Residency (2 star)

10.Hotel Middle Path and Spa (3 star)

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Humla -Beautiful Nepal

Visit Nepal2019 Humla

Manang Air Helicopter at Humla
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Top blogs for Movie Lovers to pursue: Year 2019

As we all know that in today’s world content marketing is one of the key element for the marketing, there is an incredible power in written word. More than half marketers like   to choose content creation for their root marketing strategy. They take it as a fantastic way to express opinions and to provide review on any product and services. So this strategy is also applied for the film industry too, there are lots of practice in reviewing and advertising movies. So, today we are going to talk about those successful blogs which are followed by numerous movie lovers. They write about the history about movies and reviews.

  1. Movie Web : Movie Web (1995) is one of the trusted and authentic sources for the movie lovers all over the world. This blog writes news and reviews for the movie.

2. Movie Pilot : Movie Pilot (2007) is famously known by Berlin-based movie website. This sites always focused on the users interest so always produce quality article as a result it possess with over 30 million readers.

  3.Cinema Blend : Cinema Blend(2003) is one of the top renowned  entertainment based website. This website has 19 million unique visitors and over 60 million pages of content.

 4. Rotten Tomatoes : As the name implies Rotten Tomatoes (1998) this site give  the fresh and rotten  ranking of the  movies with the their own reviews.

5. : This site is mainly famous within the movie lovers by providing the  behind the scenes of movies.Most of the visitors for this site are from the facebook and youtube .


Headway of famous Bollywood celebrity in Lok Sabha election 2019

India- Lok sabha election results 2019 is almost confirmed all over the india,BJP again going to form a new government.Narendra Modi is going to be a Prime minister of India for second time.This election become special for Indian film industry also, many indian celebrities entered the politician.Sunny deol ,Hema malini and urmila Matondkar are the newbie in the politics from this lok Sabha election.

As the BJP has made a greatest success in this election so most of the celebrity who participate in election from BJP has won . Sunny Deol , the party candidate for the Gurdaspur Lok Sabha seat has won the election and famous bollywood actress also sunny’s mother won from Mathura .Most The bollywood celebrity who were candidate from BJP are elected but in this whole scenario the veteran actor Shatrughan Singha has lost his seat from Patna Sahib with Ravi Shankar Prasad by 2,84,657, Ravi Shankar is from BJP.Satru had won the Seat in 2014 from BJP but just before beginig of 2019 election he left the BJP and stood against BJP.

As there are many Bollywood celebrities entered the election this election is taken as the historical election for Bollywood film industry.Sunny and Hema malini fared the election but there many celebrity who become unsuccessful to grap that seat.Here are list of all celebrity who were participated in election as a candidate.

  1. Sunny Deol from BJP (Gurdaspur)-winner
  2. Hema Malini from BJP (Mathura)-winner
  3. Smriti Irani from BJP(Amethi)-winner
  4. Urmila Matondkar from INC (Mumbai North) – Loser
  5. Mimi Chakraborty from AITC (Jadavpur) – Winner
  6. Prakash Raj as a Independent (Bangalore Central) – Loser
  7. Jayaprada from BJP (Rampur) – Loser
  8. Ravi Kishan form BJP (Gorakhpur) – Winner
  9. Manoj Tiwari from BJP ( North East Delhi) – Winner

Mohit Mor, a ticktok celebrity shot dead

A tiktok celebrity   Mohit Mor of 24 years was shot dead on Tuesday closed to Delhi .He is originally residing from Bahadurgarh in Haryana , worked as a gym trainer in Najafgarh.Three assailants   shot him with 13 bullets ,eight in chest and rest in abdoemen. He had been to his friend’s photocopy shop at 5 pm, where he was murdered.

According to the crime scene and his friend three people, two wearing helmets and one without helmet entered the shop and fired with 13 bullets. One of three gun men’s faces is clearly captured in the CCTV camera while two of them were wearing helmet. He was brought to the nearest hospital but unfortunately he was declared brought dead.

Photo from Mohit Mor’s Facebook Timeline
Gunmen spoted on cctv camers

Police is investigating the reason behind the murder. According to the police they are checking his intagram account, tick tok and call recording.The possible cause might be personnel contention,said policemen.Mohits’ friend told police that , popularity on ticktok could be a reason behind the incident.

Police have formed a special team to investigate this case, they are checking his tiktok timeline .Social media is floaded from his death news.Everyones’ are shocked with his death incident.

He was also a gym trainer used to visit gym in Najafgarh. His tiktok video is famous all over the India and he is followed by more than half millions of people.

He also have acted in Bollywood scenes.People used to enjoy his  emotional and awareness  video in social network.Everyone including his fans are passing condolence to his death news.


Check out the unseen photos from Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding : Released on their anniversary

Prince Harry and Meghan’s conjugal life have completed a year of journey by this Sunday (May 19) .On this special day they have released the unseen photos from their wedding. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex published unseen photos from harry wedding on their instagram.Prince Harry and Meghan’s Royal wedding was promiment wedding ever seen .The collection of photos with the beautiful song “This little light of Mine “, was so praised by people in instagram .We can see Prince William and Prince Charles, as well as Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland along with Harry and Meghan in photo collection.

All the released photos are of candid shot. The moment when Harry was singing the wedding certificate also captured. The moment when Prince Harry’s assistant Clara Madden handing Meghan her wedding bouquet at St George’s Chapel is gone viral all over the internet. Clara is 32-year-old lady from New Zealand.

They also have their first child; Meghan gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday May 6.They have named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor to their son .Harry and Meghans’ instagram account has reached to 8 million followers less than a couple of month it has launched.