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Things to know :World’s First Movie to First Dirctor

                Human nature is always curious to know about the history, they always feel eager to know   about those things. Earth have long history, many creature evolved and demolished here but they always used to leave their own history to the world. As we know that with the change of the time the life style and the technology also changes .There is always gap in the thinking and life style between different generation .Today we are going to  write about the changes  and development that were occur in the motion pictures .If you are a Movie lover then you might feel interesting to know about these list.We have  listed different things that were first time  in world .

1.First Movie ever made in world

The first Movie ever made in world is Roundhay Garden Scene (1888). Roundhay Garden Scene was 2.21 minute of long silent movie .This was technically first motion picture ever made.  In the year 1888 the French inventor Louis Le Prince recorder short movie  of 2.11 second long running time .

2.     The First animated Movie

In 1917  the first animated feature Movie of  70 minute long  was released in Argentina  ,which was made by  Quirino Cristiani .The technology used was cardboard cutout techniques  in which total number of frame was 58000  at  14 frames per second.

3. The first feature movie in world was  The Story of the Kelly Gang in

  1906  by Australian production house.

4. First Animated Cartoons

If we talk about the true character animated  cartoons then Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) by Winsor McCay is considered as the first cartoons.

5.First  Cinema hall

Berlin Wintergarten theatre is perceive as the first cinema hall in the world where first silent Movie was shown  in 1895.

6.First Director

 Louis Le Prince is consider as the first  Director of the Motion Picture.


Alia got annoyed on gossip about her Marriage with Ranbir

Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt and Ranbir are in open relationship. Their Love life could not hide from the media. Sometime many of Bollywood celebs become media target when their love life spoiled in ground. It is often says that some of the Bollywood celebs are famous by their love life rather than their career. Recently Bollywood market is hited by Alias and Ranbir Marriage. The together had been out of country to spend good time .On the basis of that many of the Indian media has wrote news about their marriage,they wrote that Alia  and Ranbir were there to fixed their marriage location.Alia has disclaimed those rumor. She had said like this to media “Anything ? This is  bad manners”.She had said that they were there just to enjoy holiday and we are not planning to marry right now  she added.Now this time Ranbir has started to dating Alia, before Alia  he was dating Deepika padukon.Deepika is now conjugate with Ranveer Singh.As we all know that all the celebs who are in love relationship they are always in  target of Indian media. So  sometime Bollywood is hitted by the Love relationship and gossip about the couple .They are the most talked love birds in the B-Town.They are often seen every where together.They have already accept their relationship publicly so  .They are recently appeared  together  in the special screening of Ajaya Devgan’s Movie “De De Pyar De”.So there is no any hide and seek about their love ,date and romance.


Warner Bros wants to cast Robert Pattinson on ‘The Batman’

Robert Pattinson ,A former Twilight heartthrob is now playing “The Batman”.He is going to play for Matte Reeves and Warner Bros but the deal is still in pending yet .Although deal is not done yet ,according to the source the top most choice for this project is Pattinson. After signing this movie Robert will be the second youngest actor to do “Batman “ ,Christian Bale is the first actors to play this movie. Reeves is writing the script so he might take time to developed script, says Warner. Film could begin in late 2019 or early 2020 anyway there is no any official declaration yet. Pattinsons plan are so tight this year, he has marked four movie till now for this year.His opening movie will be “High life “ for this year.He is going to shoot another film for Warner Bros which is scheduled for july 17, 2019.He had started his career from the television film Ring of the Nibelungs in 2004 where he was in supporting role .His role on movie Vanity Fair was cut on movie later appeared in DVD only.He was also appeared on Movie Harry potter .As he is going to cast in Batman so we must wait whether he will gain success or not .For that we just have option of waiting for release time.For now we just say good luck to him.


See how Amir khan wishes Sunny Leone

Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone turned 38 by this May 13, she celebrated her birthday on Monday .On the auspicious moment of her birthday many personalities wishes Leone including her husband Daniel Weber. Daniel wishes her by calling Sexiest women ever, but all of these wishes shaded when Bollywood Superstar Amir Khan wishes sunny Leone with colorful and heartfelt words. Mr. Perfect wishes her in his instagram story and twitter account as well .He wrote on his status by saying “Dear Sunny Leone, Wishing you a very happy birthday .Hope you had a great day. Wishing you a great year ahead, and many happy returns of this year special day. Love A ” .

Sunny and Amir are in great friendship ,A few years ago in interview sunny was asked whether Amir will ready to work with her ignoring her past .The great respects from Sunny were grown towards Amir when Amir alone stand to support her while each and every celebs were slamming interviewer for asking such a question.Amir wrote “I think Sunny conductd herself wid a lot of grace & dignity.I wish I cud hav said the same abt the interviewer. Sunny,I wil b happy 2 wrk wid u.I hav absolutely no problems wid ur “past”, as the interviewer puts it.Stay http://blessed.Love .a. (sic)”.

At that circumstances Amir strongly support her and in reply Sunny said “I think my heart just dropped seeing this!! Thank you so much for the support. It means the world and beyond to me!”.This was the incident from where Sunny Leone have huge respect towards the Mr. Perfect.

Things to know

See how conceptof motion picture was developed

Have you ever been eager  to know the name of first motion picture ? , This question  goes to  all the movie lovers.I hope  most of the people have never thought about this things.In  the late 80’s a large portion of people were curious to experiment with photo, they   create the illusion  of motion pictures.

We have made a list of those motion pictures which often called vary first movies.

  1. The Horse in Motion

When we start to  research about the first movie ever made then the first name comes is  “The Galloping Horse”.History says that this is the first motion pictures which was experimented on june15,1878 by American famous Photographer Eadweard Muybridge.

The photographer used numerous cameras to capture the galloping horse.Eadweard arranged all the camera  parallel to the horse’s movement path.He took the different shot from different angle so that all the movement can be captured smoothly.This was the crucial  time  where first motion picture was discovered.

  2.Roundhay Garden scene

 In the year 1888 the French inventor Louis Le Prince recorder short movie  of 2.11 second long running time .This Movie was  short silent movie and the perceived as the  oldest motion pictures.It took 1 decades to improve motion pictures from Horse in Motion to Roundhay Garden scene.

In the movie we can see the motion of dancing lady and  gentleman’s coat is flying.This movie has been confirmed as the oldest survival movie by Guinness Book of world Records.

3.Arrival of Train

Arrival of train is 50 second long motion picture which was produced in 1895 by Auguste Lumière 
Louis Lumière of French .This is also the silent black and white movie in which shows the entry of train in the train station.

The interesting part is that the concept of camera angle,long shot,medium shot and close up are included in this motion pictures.According to the source When film was shown to audience they scared and ran out from the place.


About Legendry Actor Rajesh Hamal


The Nepalese film industry although does not possess a very long history comparatively to other industries’ but it has been accredited with the title of “celebrities” to the many actors in Nepal. During the journey of more then 6 decades  many ups and down has occurred in the Nepali Cinema during  those periods  .Today we are going to talk about legendry actor Rajaesh Hamal (Mahanayak) who is  all time favourite and respected to the Neplese Audience.Hamal is  the  most loved star with greatest stardom, whose name was  enough to make a movie blockbuster.

           Rajesh Hamal  (Mahanayak)

Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal


Rajesh Hmal  also known as “Mahanayak”  is top on the list of the most respected Actors in      Nepal.He is one of the biggest Movie star with the huge public Support and respect.Hamal was born   from  Chuda Bahadur Hamal and Renu KC Hamal  on 9  june  1964   in  Tansen,  Palpa. He was only  the   actor  who sustain in Nepali film industry for the long period of  time.He  have the millions of the fan followers.

  Acting Carrer

“Yug Dekhi Yug  samma” was the first debuted Movie of Rajesh Hamal ,which was  produced by Chhabiraj Ojha and directed by his maternal   uncle Deepak Rayamajhi.Fortunately his first debuted Movie was blugbuster and became the fifth biggest Hit movie in 90’s .

Some of  the Hit Movies of Hamal

S.N   Title Year Director
1 Yug Dekhi Yug Samma 1991 Deepak  Rayamajhi
2 Deuta 1993 Tulsi Giri
3 Basanti 2000 Neer shah
4 Hami Tin Bhai 2004 Shiv Regmi
5 Hath Ma Lagyo Sunya 2010  


First poster of “Love Diaries” : Sushil and Rubina’s romantic mood came out

Sushil Shrestha and Rubina Shrestha  starrer movie “Love Diaries”  has published its first  poster .According to the Producer the flim is full  package of romance and love.Sushil has performed a role of young boy enjoying the foreigner’s life style. Along with Rubina and sushil Love Diaries has been featured with Rimal Bishnu sapkota,Arjun sahi,Bishal Pahari.

Director Saurabh chaudhari has   directed this Movie , going to be release on 20 sept 2019. As we realize that Nepali movie industry is going through unsatisfied timeframe so this is remain to see  that either it will hit the box office or not.

Year 2019 is the most more awful year for Nepali movies till now.lots of films which are released on this year are nearly flops..So Neplese audience are waiting for the movie which can drag them upto the cinema hall.Even all the movies are unsuccess ,the producer  director ane even actors/actress are still focusing on quantity rather then the quality .At this time all we can do  is wishing  all the best for


These celebs destroyed their profession in the wake of wrecking with Salman Khan

Salman Khan “Bhaijan” is a standout amongst the most dominant identities in the B-Town.He has acquainted with Many face in the Bollywood business ,he is the God father of many present Bollywood celebrities.The fascinating reality is that he has that dimension of huge fanbase ,his movie crosses 100 million effectively regardless of whether his fan just watch the picture. Inspite of being God father of numerous celebs he has likewise destroyed profession of the individuals who wrecked with him. Today we are going to drill down those celebs whose carrer are ruined totally and in part when they confronted furious Bhaijan.

1.Vivek oberoi

When we talk about Salman Khan’s battles , Vivek oberoi comes in the brain .He is in the highest point of this list.Love triangle was the primary driver of Vivek and salman’s fight.When salman khan and Aishwarya Rai were love birds,

vivek came to make a triangle in Bhaijan’s love.After Aishwarya was additionally feeling safe with vivek ,salman began pestering him once again Aishwarya and that is the point at which he called press meet to name and disgrace shallu.After that occurrence vivek’s career never lifted up even he persistently feel sorry and apologized.

2.Anurag Kashyap

Anurag is none other then the previously assigned Director of salman’s blugbuster film Tere Naam yet subsequent to wrecking with sallu ,the maker sacked out the Anurag. As indicated by the Anurag he needed salman khan to develop some hair on chest to make feel of UP boy.When Anurag asked fro salman khan he simply Stare at him and He left from there.After that occurrence the maker sacked out Anurag.

3.Ranbir Kapoor

Salman khan and Ranbir Kapoor were in great kinship yet in the wake of dating Katrina kaif the virus war began to begin.Katrina and Ranbir were in open relationship which was not adequate to sallu.After that episode Ranbir’s career destroyed Partially.

4 Zubair Khan

Zubair khan was the contender of Salman Khan’s Famous TV Reality Show “Big Boss 11”.Sallu and Zubair’s squabble was at that dimension salman guided him to leave Show immediately.At that time Zubair told salman khan that he isn’t vivek oberio, in answer salman said that “Mein tujhe kutta banaunga”.


Student of the year 2 : Karan Johor Shook up by Poor Opening

The most waited movie of this year  “Student of the year “ has already been released on this Friday  ,Tiger Shroff,Tara sutaria and Ananya Panday are the lead actor for this Movie.The poor opening collection of 12 crores was disappointment for Johor.However according to the  Indian Box Office this collection is not too much disappointing,the decent collection is 11.75-12 crore per day.Tiger Shroff’s last Movie Baghi 2 has made  50% extra then this Movie.The reviews for this movie are not good, all the reviews are isappointing.Kalank and Kesari of Dharma are Biggest Satisfying opening Maker movies of this year.

According to the Critics the movie is just a overrated and Mouth so the weak word of mouth.The first sequal of Student of Year was released on year 2012 which was indeed hit movie in that year, also the carrer of Alia Bhatt,Varun Dhawan and Sidhartha Malhotra was launched .Tiger Shroffs Carrer indanger with the biggest unsuccess of this Movie.Despite of these reviews three days collection of this movie is 38.83 crore which is not as disappointing as people criticise.One of the reason for the disappointing collection of this movie  might be the facing competition with the Avengers: End game.

The overall collection in One day

Friday:  12.06 crore

Sat: 14.02 crore

Sun: 12.75 crore

Total 38.83 crore


Nepal’s famous & most beautiful Actress


The Nepalese Movie Industry presently is gaining a huge popularity with lots of fan base. In this scenario, how can we forget about our gorgeous Nepalese actresses who tried their best and have been able to touch the heart of million people? As much as Nepalese movies are gaining popularity, our actresses are equally making everyone go crazy with their attitude, good looks and of course acting talent.

The filming industry in Nepal was established in 1951 with the release of the movie named ‘Harish Chandra’. Since, then Nepalese filming industry have been taking its baby step to develop and progress. It is commonly known as the Hollywood as in Hollywood and Bollywood. There used to be a time when Nepali movies and cinema were called as a copycat of the Hindi film industry.

To some extent it was true. But, now due to the influence of media’s and new technologies Nepalese film industry is also making its own identity and individuality. New talents, new directors, actors, actresses, choreographers, etc. are emerging day by day and are bringing the new influence in the industry.

Since the industry has made its way up to till date, many actors and actresses have been able to showcase their talent in the field of acting. Numbers of actors have made their career in this industry; while some have now quitted the film industry with lots of contributions, there are many aspiring actresses who are able to win the hearts of millions Nepalese people with their amazing acting skills.

There are some Nepalese celebrities in the Nepalese movie industry who are famous for their versatility and beautiful personality.  Those Nepalese actresses who have successfully establish themselves as one of the counted celebrity in the Nepalese film industry.  Here, we are presenting the top 10 Nepali actors of all time bases on the talent and their popularity among the Nepalese peoples.

  1. Priyanka Karki

The 31-year-old actress, former Miss Teen, VJ, model, singer, and dancer is one of the top most famous celebrity in Nepalese Films Industry today. She is best well known for her versatility she shows in the roles or characters in her movie. Karki started her career as a VJ in 2006 after winning the title Miss Teen in 2005.

After that Priyanka then started acting in movies in 2012. In the past six years, she has been able to win the hearts of millions of people not only through her acting but also through her singing.

  • Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah

The 23-year-old hot diva in the town has won the hearts of hundreds and thousands of guys with her stunning looks. Shah is an actor and a model also was a runner-up of the “Face of Diamond” at the Classic Diamond Jewellers. She started her acting career in 2016 with her debut movie “Dreams” starring Anmol KC. She won three best new actor award for her debut movie.

  • Annapurna Sharma

The 23-year-old actress is best known as Anna Sharma among her fans. She persuaded her acting career at a very young age and didn’t disappoint the audiences. She gave her best in her debut movie “Jerry” in 2014 that starred Anmol KC as her opposite. Many people loved her performance in the movie. She also won the best debut actor award for the movie, Jerry.

  • Shristi Shrestha

The 28-year-old actress, model and the Miss Nepal 2012 has been a heartthrob for thousands of Nepali youths. After giving her best in the Miss World 2012, she persuaded modeling career in a music video of the song titled “Kabhi Jo Badal Barse” which is sing by a famous Indian singer Arijit Singh. Later, she began acting in 2016 with her debut movie “Gajalu” starring Anmol KC.

  • Namrata Shrestha

The 33-year-old actress is well known for the romantic role she plays in her movies. She is also a model and has been featured in many of the magazines in Nepal. She started her acting career in 2008 from her debut movie “Sano Sansar” as a character Reetu. Since then she has done a dozen of movies and is loved for her movies starring Aryan Sigdel as this reel couple is loved by many Nepalese people.

  • Keki Adhikari: The 28-year-old actress, a professional model has been able to win millions of hearts through her amazing acting skills and her chubby looks. She started off her career in music videos before giving a shot in the movies. Her first movie was released in 2010 named “Swor” as an opposite to Raj Bhallav Koirala. She is one of the most learned actresses in our film industry. She has been able to win the Critics Award in 2016.
  • Prakriti Shrestha: The 25-year-old actress became a hit in the industry after her music video “Ko Hola Tyo” was loved by many people. She is also a runner-up of the show Mega Model season 2. After her success, she has featured in many magazines as well as music videos. She began her film career in 2013 in an Anmol KC movie, “Hostel”. After her debut movie, she has acted in numerous short films and films.
  • Reecha Sharma: The 30-year-old VJ, model, and actress is known as one of the actresses to have amazing acting skills. She is capable of portraying the character in a justifiable manner which no other actors can possibly do. She started her acting career with her debut movie, “First Love” in 2010. After that, she has acted in other numerous movies.
  • Pooja Sharma: The 26-year-old actress and an ex-journalist, Pooja Sharma made a hit in the Nepali cinema after her movie “Prem Geet” starring Pradeep Khadka. Her debut movie is 3 lovers with Priyanka Karki whereas her first movie as a lead role is “Madhumash”. After her hit, “Prem Geet”, she was loved by millions of people.
  • Rishma Gurung: The 27-year-old actress won millions of heart after her role as “Maiyaa” in the movie Kabbadi in 2013. Before this movie, she starred in two other Gurung movies. She has then acted in the sequel of the movie “Kabbadi”, “Kabbadi Kabbadi”. Her last film was “Jhumkee” which released in 2016.