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Legends of Gurkha

If you have ever heard the luminary of Gurkha, you must have been astonished. He was stationed in a trench in 1945 while 200 Japanese opened fire. As the grenades flew, several commanders got severely injured. However, Gurung tried to catch every grenade and throwback. He was successful for two times but the grenade exploded on the third time and his right hand was wounded. Despite being wounded, having right arm and leg dismantled, he welded the rifle with his left hand and killed thirty-one Japanese soldiers to prevent them for advancing. Later that year he was awarded Victoria Cross.

Rifleman Ganji Lama has another alluring tale of defeating Japanese during World War II. In the battlefield, Ganji Lama was injured with a broken wrist and wounds to his arms but he marched to take on the Japanese tanks. He crawled into the battlefield and defied the tanks. Three tanks were destroyed one by one and the men fleeing were defeated. He was also awarded Victoria Cross.
Gaje Ghale, sounds familiar right? In a battle against Japanese in 1943, Gaja Ghale was asked to take a position Gurkhas had failed twice but this time it was unalike. He led his battlefront to deadly fire and got himself injured. He was heavily injured and regardless of injuries, he kept fighting. Ghale was engaged in hand-to-hand combat with his enemies and Sergeant won the battle. He was later awarded Victoria Cross too.
It was not very long ago when acting Sergeant Dip Prasad Pun single-handedlyfought 30 Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan in 2010. The Taliban attackers came from all sides of the complex Pun was