Top 10 iconic Nepali movies ever made :

Nepali movies have been thriving for a while now. The cinematography and videography have improved a lot from the past. This fact, however, doesn’t solely make the new movies any better. The quality in scripts has seen some of the new movies gain appreciation in the recent context. Following are the ten best movies in Nepali industry:
Yug dekhi yug samma: A 1998 movie, Yug Dekhi Yug Samma saw commercial success back then. This movie is directed by Deepak Rayamajhi and stars Rajesh Hamal and Kristi Mainali.

Maitighar: Maitighar was a 1996 release movie directed by B.S Thapa. This movie is played by Indian actress Mala Sinha and Nepali actor Chidamber Prasad Lohani who she gets married to. The actress is accused of being a witch and killing her husband after her husband is found dead in the jungle. While trying to escape the village, she gets sold to a dancer and the plot continues.

Kanchhi: Directed by BS Thapa, this movie was one of the very successful Nepali movies after its release in 1984. The lead actor Krishna Malla and Sharmila Malla fell in love at the set of the movie and later got married.
Chino:Chino is a 1991 Nepali movie,directed by Tulsi Ghimire. The movie stars Shiva Shrestha, Bhuwan KC , Sunil Thama and Sharmila Malla in the lead role. Considered to be a commercial hit in the Nepali film industry, this movie is a complete salver of all genres.
Prem Pinda: Prem Pinda is the first historic 1995 movie directed by Yadav Kharel. It is an adaptation of popular Balkrishna Sama who is touted as the Shakespeare of Nepali literature. This movie sees a failed love story.

Saino: Saino is a hit 1987 movie made under the banner of Triple gem Movies. Tripti and Akaash get fed up living abroad, they return to their homeland where Akash gets in an illegitimate relationship with another girl Asha. the plot develops perfectly till the end.

Kusume Rumal: Kusume Rumal is a 1985 romantic movie directed by Tulsi Ghimire. This movie is acted by legendary singer Udit Narayan. The movie is about the love story of two collegemates Amar and Suniti.

Balidaan: Balidan is a 1997 hit which stars Maha Jodi. This movie is about the revolution against the autocratic Panchayat System in Nepal. This movie fills viewers with patriotism and a sense of responsibility towards society.
Jhola: Jhola is the movie based on the story “Jhola” by Krishna Dharabasi. This movie talks about the Sati practice in Nepal and how Chandra Shumsher becomes the idol of the boy who abolished this ill-practice.
Talakjung Vs Tulke: Talak Jung vs Tulke is a story Tulke Talak Jung of who flees to the city because he was accused of abusing a girl. Later the boy comes with what it takes to sustain lavish life in a village. The village, however, is the center of the Maoist revolution now and the movie takes an interesting turn.

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