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5 most beautiful places to visit in Australia

Australia is one of the sovereign country in the world .Australia itself a continent and world’s sixth-largest country on the basis the total area. Australia is considered as the highly developed country with world’s 14th largest economy.
If we talk about natural beauties and tourism in Australia it is surrounded by the Indian and the Pacific ocean , it has many island and naturally iconic places.
We have listed 5 most beautiful and iconic places to visit in Australia

Great Barrier Reef : Great Barrier Reef, evolved 25 millions years ago is considered as the only living things on earth which is visible from the space , Isn’t this wondering ? .This is also assumed that it is the worlds largest Reef system that is spread to 3,000 Km.

Courtesy : Tom Fisk

Shark Bay : Shark Bay is one of the World Heritage site in Western Australia,located approximately 800 km north of Perth. Its total area is 22,009 km² .It is separated by hallow banks and has many peninsulas and islands.Historians accept that it was the place where Europeans first landed and declared as a not good place.

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The Pinnacles : The Pinnacles created 30,000 years ago is have thousands of weathered limestone pillars.It is also a habitat of the Grey Kangaroos and many other reptiles. Nambung National Park ,where the Pinnacles is situated receive more then 150,000 visitors per year.

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Blue Mountains : As the name implies it is the rocky place full of terrains , situated at west of Sydney In New south Wales.It consist of Steeps cliffs, forest and amazing waterfalls galleries and gardens.If you nearly drive 2 hours west of Sydney you will be there to feel amazing natural scenario of Blue Mountains.

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Mackenzie Falls : Mackenzie Falls is considered as the biggest waterfall in the kangaroo-infested Grampians National Park. A beautiful rainbow is formed when a sunshine strike on the water of Mackenzie Falls.

courtesy : James Wheeler