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How Google translator makes your international trip easier

If you are traveling to a foreign country and you don’t know their language then it may be a real headache for you. The option for this kind of situation is symbolic language, this could be the same all over the world, however, If you are thinking this is the only option then you may be wrong, the world tech giant company Google has made huge improvements on its popular app Google Translator.

Google translator

Now Google translator can be crucial for travelers who are facing problems due to language. This is the incredible invention of Google which can translate your language to any language, all in all now your voice with your own language will be translated to your desired language.

What is Google translator
Google translator is one of the products of Tech giant company Google which translates to multiple languages. This multilingual machine translation service is free and available on both web and mobile apps. Google translator supports more than 100 languages and translates both text and voice. Each day over 500 million people use this service. This may not be 100% reliable but for a traveler, it is crucial indeed.

Google translator
Google translator

How to use Google Translator?
There is a simple step to use this service. You can access this service by just visiting its website: or just download the google translator app on your smartphone.
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To have a conversation between two language
As we all know that Google uses Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) so not only a single word but it can translate your whole sentence to another language. It can translate your voice to the desired language as a human being.

google translator
Voice search

While traveling to foreign Just type or speak anything you want to ask then Google will translate your voice or word to desire language.
It is the same as a human Translator or interpreter. You will feel like a real conversation because It listens to both languages and translates.

To find out proper Pronunciation: While traveling to foreign knowing their language is not enough but you should have proper Pronunciation. Some time a mistaken Pronunciation could lead to trouble so here is a Google translator which can help you to Pronounce anything correctly. While you translate any word, Google will offer you a Pronunciation option through the speaker icon.
So, all thanks to Google which makes our travel easier by inventing wonderful tools like Google translator, Google map and many more.

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